Quite simply, we love building cool stuff that helps our clients work more efficiently, do more business and get the results they want.

We have a unique blend of development skills that mean we can say 'yes' to almost any task. From data scraping, straight forward web development or specialist VOIP programming, we have the know how!

That said, we love specialising and have in-depth experience in the automotive, education and hotel sectors.

Nexus Point, Automotive Specialists

Nexus Point Capabilities

Web Development

  • developing web sites and web applications
  • developing mobile specific websites
  • developing responsive web sites
  • integration with all kinds of APIs and web services

Technologies: php, mysql, javascript, jquery, expressionengine, wordpress

Server Administration

  • web and database server administration and monitoring
  • web server optimisation and fine tuning
  • reverse proxy cache configuration

Technologies: linux, apache, mysql, nginx, varnish

Database Administration

  • Mysql and Postgres database administration and optimisation

Technologies: mysql, postgresql

Web Design

  • modern web design
  • modern web development
  • responsive development

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, jquery, AJAX, Bootstrap, Foundation

Scripting and automation

  • process automation
  • data synchronisation between various data sources
  • developing scripts, tools and utilites

Technologies: python, bash, php, perl

Web Scraping

  • gathering data from websites and web services

Technologies: python, scrapy, perl, www-mechanize